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Overall Record 10-4

2022 Midwest Conference Champions 


Brandon Bickart

PPG: 3.0

RPG: 1.3

APG: 1.3

SPG: 0.3

BPG: 0.0

PER: 5.0

Cecil Williams

PPG:  5.3

RPG: 1.7

APG: 3.7

SPG: 3.0

BPG: 0.7

PER: 6.7

Dionysus Watkins

PPG: 1.8

RPG: 1.5

APG: 0.2

SPG: 0.2

BPG: 0.0

PER: 1.5


Isaac Panfil

PPG: 10.8

RPG: 7.6

APG: 1.2

SPG: 1.8

BPG: 1.0

PER: 15.4

Eric Vortes

PPG: 6.4

RPG: 8.6

APG: 3.4

SPG: 1.9

BPG: 0.2

PER:  10.8

Jalen Garrison

PPG:  7.0

RPG: 2.0

APG:  1.2

SPG: 0.6

BPG: 0.2

PER: 7.9


John Ford

PPG: 7.5

RPG: 8.7

APG: 0.5

SPG: 0.5

BPG: 2.8

PER: 11.5

Kamaal Power

PPG: 6.2

RPG: 2.0

APG: 5.2

SPG: 2.4

BPG: 0.0

PER: 11.8

Kezo Brown

PPG:  21.7

RPG: 5.3

APG: 1.5

SPG: 0.3

BPG: 0.0

PER: 17.8


Kouki Matsuda

PPG: 4.9

RPG: 0.5

APG: 3.4

SPG: 0.0

BPG: 0.0

PER: 3.2

Marcellus Hornsby

PPG: 22.4

RPG: 7.2

APG: 1.2

SPG: 2.2

BPG: 0.2

PER: 17.2

Nelson Presnall

PPG: 5.8

RPG: 2.2

APG: 0.2

SPG: 0.2

BPG: 0.0

PER: 6.2


Prince Walker

PPG: 11.2

RPG: 8.9

APG: 1.0

SPG: 2.4

BPG: 0.2

PER: 9.8

Terry McDonald

PPG: 3.9

RPG: 2.6

APG: 0.8

SPG: 1.2

BPG: 0.2

PER: 3.4

Walter-Deon Johnson

PPG: 4.8

RPG: 1.2

APG: 0.2

SPG: 1.0

BPG: 0.0

PER: 2.8


Elijah Henry

PPG: 13.7

RPG: 9.6

APG: 2.5

SPG: 1.5

BPG: 0.0

PER: 18.5

Isaiah Wyatt

PPG: 2.4

RPG: 3.2

APG: 0.0

SPG: 0.0

BPG: 0.0

PER: 2.9








Coach Romel Bryant, Romel Bryant, All-Star Game Coach

Head Coach

Coach Bryant have developed a rich tradition of Basketball in Chicago. As a player, he played Small Fry with the Chicago Runners. He also was the starting point guard with what many people consider the best middle school basketball team in Chicago’s rich history, Bryn Mawr.

Coach Bryant then help led his Hales Franciscan High School Spartans to multiple Catholic League Championships. He was defensive player of the year and was once ranked among the top ten players in Chicago.

He played college basketball under legendary coach Bill Knapton at Beloit College. Coach Bryant was a stand-out collegiate player before suffering a career ending injury in an automobile accident.

Coach Bryant went on to start a coaching career earning the honor of being a Chicago Public School Coach of the Year in 2014. Coach Bryant has earned various accolades as a coach such as Regional Championships (2012 & 2013), Sectional Championships (2012 & 2013), Super Sectional Championships (2012 & 2013) and a State Finals appearance with Seton Academy.

Coach Bryant then made the jump to the professional level in 2015 with the Chicago Steam of the American Basketball Association. He helped coach this team to its 1st North Central Championship. This team also achieved its 1st Final Four appearance for the ABA in team history.

Coach Bryant was honored by the State of Illinois as a “Coach of the Year” in 2021. He was also honored by the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association for his amazing achievements in 2022. 

Head Coach, John Ford, Prince Walker, Brandon Bickart, Cecil Williams, Dionus Watkins, Eric Vortes, Isaac Panfil, Jalen Garrison, John Ford, Kezo Brown, Kouki Matsuda, Marcellus Hornsby, Nelson Presnall, Terry McDonald, Walter Johnson, Elijah Henry

John Ford

Associate Head Coach

Coach John Ford graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor degree in social science. After graduating college, he went on to pursue a career as a professional basketball player. He played 10 years in France and 2 years in Finland.

As a professional basketball player he averaged 12.5 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, and 1 block per game. He scored a career high of 39 points against Longwy in a France-NM1 game (2003). In 2011, he set more personal records in a game against Derek Bat Urcuit. In this game he scored 33 points and grabbed a career high of 17 rebounds.

In 2012, John decided to join the coaching staff of the University of Saint Francis. As a member of this coaching staff, he guided the Saints to a 21-12 overall record. Coach Ford later assumed the role of Head Coach for the Chicago Steam of the American Basketball Association. He led that team to a 13-4 record and a Midwest Division Championship.

This season, Coach Ford will assume the role of Associated Head Coach. His extensive history and knowledge of the game of basketball is sure to benefit the organization. 

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